Healthy Hunt – Seeking healthy food P’Ann style

From The Styler EP.6, the crew let P’Ann shop, eat, and travel alone to seek healthy food, P’Ann style. So we’re openly revealing P’Ann Thongprasom’s secret of good health from the inside out, in addition to exercising, what else does she eat? Let’s go! Go shopping to stock up these healthy foods at home!

You can search for these healthy foods as The Styler’s Queenbee at Gourmet Market, 4th floor, The Emporium.


Gac juice
Gac is an amazing plant which is rich in beta-carotene, a vitamin A precursor which helps improve the balance of the body’s immune system. There is 10 times more beta-carotene in gacs than in carrots. It also contains lycopene, which has antioxidant properties. Combining the benefits of mixed juice including passion fruit and oranges, and adding sweetness with pure honey, the juice has a high vitamin A level which improves vision, and high vitamin C, which contributes to the process of anti-oxidants and the formation of collagen and cartilage ligaments. An alternative that is more than just refreshing and easy to drink, it provides benefits from nature.

Tamarind juice
Improves balance of the digestive system and brightens your skin with collagen and high vitamin C.It is made with tamarind with tartaric acid, which contributes to excretion. One box (200 ml) contains 945 mg of collagen. Contributes to the construction of bones and various body tissues.

Clear sesame salad dressing. In addition to its appetizing scent, sesame oil contains phytic acid. This helps to inhibit bowel cancer formation. Also, when poured on salad, it promotes iron absorption.


Coconut oil
Helps stimulate fat burning and brain function, promotes soft and shiny hair, treats skin disorders, provides facial and skin care, and does not cause free radical formation.


Dates are a fruit that provide quick energy.
100 g of dates provide about 282 kcal of energy, comprising 75.03 g of carbohydrates (63.35 g of sugar), 2.45 g of protein, and 0.39 g of fat. In addition, they’re rich in various vitamins and minerals, especially potassium (696 mg/100 g), thus helping the body to refresh and revitalize quickly.

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