The Living Inspire: John Legend’s Home Decor

Every love-song lovers would familiar with John Legend, who owns All of Me, a song with a beautiful piano. Legend learned piano since he was 12, and he decided to be a part of the music industry when he reached 20. He is considered an example of the artist with ambition. He has worked as […]

Street Food at the EmQuartier: Heaven for a Street Food Lover

In 2016, CNN has given Bangkok the city of the most delicious street food in the world. It is not a surprise because no matter where you go in Bangkok, you will see the wheel street food shop on the walking street. But sometimes, the sunny weather is not good for a long period of […]

Take the “Thai” Home

Many people may once have the opportunity to bring foreign friends to Thailand and have no idea what to buy as a souvenir. Today, we would like to introduce some interesting souvenirs that your friends can bring the Thainess back home. The impressive things for foreigners could not be anything else but the Thai food. […]

5 Smart Watches for New Runner

Right now there is a trend of running to the point that every weekends there will be a running marathon. Whether is a mini marathon(10 kilometers), half marathon(21 kilometers) or a full marathon(42.195 kilometers). We can say now that running is an activity for the healthy people and this trend means that smartwatch is also […]

9 Famous fruits and vegetables that nutritious and healthy.

If you like to shopping at Gourmet Market at both The Emporium and The EmQuartier then you will notice those fresh fruits and vegetables that were put neatly in the refrigerator and waiting for us to select for cooking healthy meal. This is one of the King Rama 9 projects that laid out the foundation […]

9 Fruits and Vegetables from the Royal Project at the Gourmet Market

One of the most popular things people do to take care of themselves is consuming healthy food. Fruit and vegetables should be finely selected in terms of freshness, good quality, chemical-free, and most importantly, easily found in a supermarket. The Royal Project is a project of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej aiming to promote winter […]