5 Horror Books as thrilling as Stephen King’s “IT”

Last September, the movie based on Stephen King’s classic horror novel “IT” is back on the silver screen after many years. Even though it is long gone, IT is still a memorable and favorite book for many readers. The return of IT’s popularity makes people read horror fictions again. Readers, who love the thrill of IT, can find other horror novels that as enjoyable and thrilling as much IT.

The Shining โดย Stephen King

It is Stephen King’s third published novel. The success of the book also established King as an author in the horror genre. The Shining is a story about Jack Torrance, the father of the baby who has a sixth sense. Jack works as a concierge at a hotel, which has been the scene of a murderous crime. The spirits in the hotel beguile Jack to hurt his wife and children to take possession of a child who has a magical power. Jack’s wife and baby must find a way to escape from this horrible hotel. Readers will feel the thrill of a mother and a child’s escape throughout the book.


The Exorcist โดย William Peter Blatty

First published in 1971, this horror fiction is a story about a girl with a strange illness. This sickness brings strange events in the house unable to find the explanation. Family members have to invite a shaman to expel the ghosts possessing the girl and eating the soul out of her. The novel was so popular that it was first made into a thriller movie in 1973 and was remade many times. Yet, the popularity of books and movies has never dropped.

The Call of Cthulhu โดย H.P. Lovecraft.

The story involves an ancient god named Cthulhu, who has enormous power over all creatures. Cthulhu has been imprisoned for another dimension for a long time and waited for the day to come back and dominate the human world again.


Another โดย Yukito Ayatsuji

A Japanese horror novel which will take readers back to 1972 at Yomiyamakita Middle School, where there was an unattended student death. 26 years later, a young boy moved to this school and found a strange girl, who is always been ignored by every teachers and classmate. Then, many students have died unknowingly. What was the cause of this terrible death? Is it related to the death of a student 26 years ago? Readers may find the answers in Another.


Confessions โดย Kanae Minato

The story begins when Manami, the 4-year-old daughter of Yuko Moriguchi, a fourth-grade teacher, is found dead in a school swimming pool. Yuko knows that the killer is a student in her own class. She finds the way to let her student confess and take revenge in many unpredictable and torturing ways. This novel will take you deep down into the human mind. If the devil in the IT novel is Pennywise, the devil in the Confessions is the dark and unpredictable conscious mind of human nature.

These five novels are just some of the great horror novel that we would like to recommend. Hope that you enjoy the thrill and excitement until the end of the book.

Credit: https://thailand.kinokuniya.com